Money Game

Eight participants, 100 days, and a shared pot of money amounting to 44.8 billion won (around 38 million USD). This is Money Game, a reality TV show, where participants try to spend as little as possible to walk away with as much as they can. Marooned in a specially designed TV set with nothing but a set of clothes and a rule book, every item they purchase is 1,000 times the original price. How much money will the participants manage to keep? (from Webtoon.com)


Over time, money accumulates.
When blood flows, time accumulates.
What will be the final prize and who will be the final winner? The sequel to <Money Game>, which stands out for its thrilling realism, tight tension, and a sober theme about society.

No Malice

In a rural village, a man died. A battle between those who try to uncover the death and those who try to cover it.

The Seat Where The Snake Sat

That lovely darling's scary secret...
Even if you see her truth in the shadows, will you be able to support her?

Forest of Humans

A secret experiment on serial killers conducted in the woods? What could possibly go wrong? Follow one young researcher’s descent into madness and self-doubt as she attempts to escape a locked facility with ten bloodthirsty murderers. Will she make it out with her humanity intact? (from Webtoon.com)


'There's a murderer in my house'. Genuine generational conflict and brutal thriller

Murderer O's Bewilderment

One day, Tang Lee finds that he's become a serial killer, but all his victims happen to be evil criminals. Is he truly a cold-blooded murderer or some kind of grim hero? Meanwhile, there's a cop getting too close for Tang Lee's liking and another murderer who thinks he is a judge. Will Tang Lee be able to make a difference with his debauchery? (From Koreanwebtoon.com)

Antique Shop Of The Future

There is only one way to break the curse. A bizarre girl's exorcism begins to protect precious things.

A Mark Against Thee

17 years of losing everything. Yet... I'm still alive. You who framed me as a murderer... Are you really innocent? 

No Country For Zombie 

After a zombie vaccine is created, those who are cured suffer from memories of the times when they were zombies.
Between humans and zombies. The story after the end credits, 'No Country for Zombies'

Joe's Realm

The appearance of the guys who lived in the water begins to bend common sense.
'The Sound of Your Heart'(?) Jo Seok's Disaster Thriller


'Ominous beings are intruding into our reality'
Children who see ghosts and their nightmarish stories

Over The Moon

When the blue moon rises in the sky, don't get hit by the moonlight, or else... Should the moonlight touch you, you will become a monster. Two weeks after an incident on a bus, Jangmin receives a warning from his phone: "Direct moonlight will cause symptoms of skin changes, mental distress, etc. To prevent exposure, citizens are forbidden from nighttime activities." But at nightfall, hundreds of texts invite him to come outside and look at the moon... A series of bizarre events is about to begin...

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1. Over The Moon for me!

2. Over The Moon + Bastard + it's not here but "We Are The Zombie"!

3. Wow but will Antique Shop From The Future even be physically possible?ㅋㅋㅋ Over The Moon for me 

4. Joe's Realm and Over The Moon have good plots, but because of the heavy use of CG needed, it'll be too tough I think. So something like Bastard can be f*cking fun if they can get a good cast

5. Joe's Realm, Prey and Over The Moon's genre would be f*cking fun to adaptㅋㅋㅋ It's not mentioned there but I want to see the zombie sitcom 'We Are The Zombie' tooㅋㅋㅋ

6. I want to watch Murderer O's Bewilderment

7. Didn't they say that they would turn Money Game into a drama and Ryu Junyeol would be lead?

8. Bastard suits Netflix's style the most 

9. I want to watch Over The Moon, Joe's Realm and Forest of Humans. And it's not a drama but I wish they can turn 'I Hate This Kind of Hero' as an anime 

10. I wonder why they're sleeping on Bastard........ I'm definitely watching if they make Forest of Humans and Over The Moon 

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