Can I bet on my retirement from the entertainment industry instead of withdrawing to make you guys happy? Anyways it's not like there are any broadcast stations who will call a loser like me anymore. 
It's true that I've been promoting on my own that I can't work hard on my own. That's why I have built an agency and have been focused on how I can put food on the table for my artists
I was running around working as hard as I could.......

And it's been a long time since I've been active on broadcast, and I was just living my life taking care of my personal job.
I don't know why people kept telling me to get rid of my Zea leader title to fend off trolls.
So I can't even say that I'm a group's leader anymore? 
Okay then, I'll bet it on my retirement. 

I don't want to do this either. You guys probably think that I live an extravagant life, that I'm happy and that I make lots of money right? We shouldn't worry about celebrities right? I'm just a decimal right?
I hope you guys would refrain to say such things like "he's all flash, no substance" "he's being a nuisance to his members with his whiny comments". 
What's the point of touching the kids who are working hard and living a good life promoting? 
That's right, let's try this, I'll bet my life on this. Anyways, I've already lost everything. What's left for me? I'll just live my life the way I want to.
I've had a hard time holding back in my life too...

Right now, because of what I'm about to do, I'll attract a bunch of trolls for sure, but I have never made the sponsorship offer to her. People say that I've been making 250 million a month, but this person has been making way more money than me. 

And this person did not lie, rather it's the hot blooded fans? and the SNS videos that made this go viral. 
The title was "He offered her a sponsorship" and trolled people like that. That's the way the witch hunt started. 

To the people who have mentioned my real name and Zea, I'm asking you to take responsibility legally. 
I'm trying my best not to cause this person any nuisance, 
But she blatantly murdered me and said it was a mistake during the broadcast, but she made it public.
And after the broadcast, I became a target of the trolls. 

She then uploaded the video herself on her own Youtube.. It seems like she wanted to become popular.. Then please do so. 
So are you going to reimburse the money you made from that Youtube video? you said that yourself in the Katalk chat too. But I'm not interested in that at all. Please use the money all you want, and use it where you need to. If you need more money, please say it, I'll give you even more. 
You should donate it to Ukraine, it'll do good to your reputation and this will be a good ending for this person. 

But there was no way for the BJ to even blacklist me or force me to live? 
And to the people leaving hate comments here, you'll take all the responsibility legally right? 
And for Haru nim, just because she mosaiced me, means that she has no fault in this right?

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1. Isn't he the one at fault here...? He's so shameless that I'm taken aback 

2. Ah f*ck how can someone be this cringe?ㅠㅠ Ajussi what to doㅠ...

3. He's the one attracting trolls himself with an ID like "Zea Leader" on his Youtube..

4. What is he even saying...? I can't even understand.. I was trying to understand but the more I read, the more I had no idea. I scrolled down and seems like a lot of readers here have no idea either 

5. This guy is so strange.. He could've done nothing and this case would've gone silent in an instant, why is he doing that?

6. Is he not well in his head? Or was I not aware he was like that even in Zea..?

7. He should change his ID name first..

8. He's the one using Zea's name to his advantage everywhere though 

9. Did he really write this with a sober mind?;; What a pity party he's trying to throw for himself...Wow...Is he really enjoying this...?

10. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah this is hilarious. He looks like those middle school angry students who would throw a rage fit and break the classroom window

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