I thought that he was a choding... his shoulders aside, why is his face so big?

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1. [+260, -176]
As expected, if you don't have the manly vibes and get old, you start getting uglier

2. [+231, -132]
Wow... he's seriously unattractive

3. [+194, -74]
ㅇㅇ this was today though. It was taken with a basic camera at their live broadcast

4. [+142, -22]
Are we in 2014 now? Do Kyungsoo's getting hate for his shoulders...

5. [+126, -30]
Seems like D.O is still alive. There are still hate posts about him on Pann

6. [+94, -48]
His body is that of a choding but since he has an ahjussi's face, there's a dissonance

7. [+82, -9]
It's gonna be ok once he bulks up

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