Maybe because they have unstable hair and makeup
They've also been steadily getting millions of views on their fancams so it's time to assign an official visual
I think that J would eat up everyone if she lost her baby fat like Wonyoung and got longer hair
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1. [+176, -8]
Seeun's styling at their debut was freaking pretty... I hope that she could go back to that stylingㅠ Subjectively speaking, Seeun's debut looks + J's long hair are the best

2. [+148, -42]
J is the one who doesn't get divided opinions in terms of visuals... People even said that she looked like Yoona

3. [+117, -11]
I thought the same thing once ㅋㅋ And if I had to pick someone, it would be J

4. [+60, -12]
I'll say this knowing that I'll get downvoted but I'm not sure if Seeun is as pretty as the fans claim she is. She's obviously pretty enough to be in a girl group but I'm not sure if she's pretty enough to be compared to other girl groups' visual center... I think that J is closer to being your traditional beauty?

5. [+57, -6]
I thought that it'd be Seeun but... personally, I think that rather than being cute, a visual should look innocent

6. [+51, -11]
I find Seeunie pretty. But all of them are equally pretty but since their styles are all different, nobody can pick a visual. I think that the one who is unpleasantly pretty is Sieun... but Isa is pretty too

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