Hyunjae was smiling so brightly on Queendom 
He kept starring at Miyeon who was sitting right next to him 

This was them on Queendom in the past

They wore the same outfit, and on the same day on top of it

Lip balm

Couple look 

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Stop bullsh*tting. These are the clothes that fans gifted her 

2. [+49, -0]
This isn't the opinion of Hyunjae's fans. Miyeon, fighting on your solo. Deobi and Neverland, don't feed the troll~~

3. [+44, -0]
I'm a Deobi and I'm not buying this ~~ Miyeon-nim fighting on your solo 

4. [+23, -0]
Wow but Hyunjae never had any sort of controversy, meanwhile he has f*cking lots of haters. You can tell just by looking at Pann. Leave him alone

5. [+18, -0
This was a rumor 3 years ago and people are still going on and on with those rumors. You guys look like bugs. You b*tches who aren't even fangirling on Hyunjae and Miyeon , leave them alone. And let's downvote this post 

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