13 years ago when Wondergirls first entered the main Billboard chart we couldn't believe it. Touring 50 cities living in a bus, personally handing out flyers...And 13 years later finally no.1.on Billboard 200. 3rd Korean artist ever...

So many things go through my mind...

Thank you Wondergirls and Wonderful for opening the door and paving the way. And all our artists and employees of team JYP for striving together all this time. And most of all thank you Stray Kids and Stay!

Hope this is just a start!

1. He claims that Wonder Girls were the first ones to enter the main chart -> no, it was actually BoA who entered the 200chart ㅋㅋ
2. He says that Wonder Girls paved the way --> no, Wonder Girls failed at entering the US market, the ones who succeeded were PSY and BTS

If we're talking about chart entry and opening the doors for Japan market, Cho Yongpil was the first one to enter their charts and who do you think entered the Japanese market? It was BoA or TVXQ

I've always felt like that but Park Jinyoung always liked to appropriate stuff..ㅋㅋ 
And he's always bending down to Lee Sooman?
Just like how he's doing it nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+136, -24]
Let's get this straight. The first Korean language album to enter Billboard200 was Bigbang. The first one to enter Billboard100 was PSY. Whether it's JYP or SM, neither of them were first at anything regarding Korean albumsㅇㅇ

2. [+118, -26]
I'm a Bangtan fan and I don't even get offended by thisㅋㅋ Park Jinyoung will always think he's the first one to open the door of Billboard100, he just says whatever at this point 

3. [+73, -19]
BoA was the first one to enter Billboard200 with her US company, it was an English album, the first Koreans to enter the HOT100 with an English album was Wonder Girls, the first ones to enter the HOT100 with a Korean album was Bigbang as male groups and Bigbang for male idols, the first one to enter the TOP10 was PSY, the first TOP1 was BTS. For girl groups, the best score was achieved with BlackPink at top 13. For female solo, the first one to enter HOT100 was CL at #90 and the best score was Rose at #70. Lisa's solo also entered the charts. Aside from that, all of BTS' members' solo songs made it to the charts too 

4. [+37, -3]
I can understand that mentioning BoA entering the main chart might offend some, but aren't JYP artists themselves the ones who invented the "paved the way" expressions? Sunmi and Twice both said that BTS were the ones who paved the way... Army don't think much of this so don't mess with us..

5. [+31, -23]
I do feel like there are a lot of JYP haters on PANNㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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