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1. [+166, -221]
She's so skinny that it creeps me up, people really find this pretty? Honestly it's gross. Why would she eat and vomit to come on TV pretending she doesn't know she's skinny meanwhile everyone else can see that she's nothing but bones... Instead she should be spending that time practicing 

2. [+154, -8]
Seriously I've never seen someone this skinny with this kind of physique 

3. [+134, -9]
She seriously has such slender bones 

4. [+94, -2]
Stop talking about her bone frame being small, just look at her forearm, they're severely skinny 

5. [+87, -2]
Even with the broadcast cameras, she looks seriously skinny

6. [+84, -7]
But I feel like Jang Wonyoung suits being skinny, I don't really like seeing people this skinny usually, but she weirdly fits this aesthetic she looks like a doll 

7. [+66, -5]
I bet Liz is freaking annoyed. There's this Youtuber who used to be an idol who said that if there's someone who is super skinny in the group, it forces everyone else to diet

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