They were like "we did well right?"

But first of all, the performance weirdly didn't match them and I feel like they didn't get the details right
The others were using LED lights and decorated their stages in a fancy way but theirs felt so boring that it just looked like a music broadcast show

The arrangement was also an issue... I felt like the climax choreography and song where they raise their arms(?) should've remained the same. That was the climax of the song and there were also other dance parts that were cool but that got cut off..

They practiced hard but they should've focused on giving ideas about making their Queendom stage unique and make more arrangement to the stage but it just felt like they made a song arrangement.
Since they are rookies, they probably just thought "if we did this much, we will look cool!!"

I support Kep1er and watched all their final stages and voted for them like crazy but this is seriously a shame
Even so, I feel like there's only Kim Dayeon who will understand the issue here
It's even more frustrating because the others just seem cheerful about it;;;

I hope that they reflect on their weak points.. There's a reason to why they are so popular but ranked so low..

(T/N: performance for reference)

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1. [+162, -3]
They didn't want to spend on their stage and just compete with their skills so they looked cheap while the other teams tried their best to show that they spent money to have a good stage... It's not like they had a shocking and unconventional concept, they didn't make a stage that looked as expensive as the other teams and they only got a good rating through their dance skills so they can only achieve so much. Also, aside from Hyolyn, all the other teams' skills were just whatever. This is boring compared to Queendom1

2. [+109, -6]
I think that they danced well. When they tried to portray the group moving sideways with a steering wheel, I made a "Oh!" noise so I can tell that they have skills but it's obvious that they didn't spend money on their stage and it looked less fancy to the other groups'. I think that this is the problem. It's not the time to try to compete through skills alone. Viewers will cheer for an idol because of their story and glamour. No matter how well they do, they are in a position where they can be easily taken down. I also think it's rude for rookies to act like they don't care about this and prepare their stage like some music broadcast show, while you have the sunbaes all pouring their money into their stages to make it as dramatic as possible and trying to make their stages like an award ceremony's stage. Of course, because they are a project group, it's possible that CJ doesn't wanna spend on them and are just using them to gain the foreign audience

3. [+85, -14]
Aside from Hyolyn, all the other girl groups had regrettable parts. I think that it's important to fix these issues while going on Queendom. I watched the fancams and they were so much cooler than the broadcast video. At 1:30, Dayeon-nim danced like she was doing a car game and it left a big impression. I really think that Dayeon-nim is good at dancing

4. [+67, 01]
The only thing I felt was them being like "we are rookies!!!!!! We are full of energy!!!!!! Haha"

5. [+64, -1]
I felt like their song was their limit...

6. [+64, 0]
I don't think that we can compare this to season 1... because of the fairness issue from last time, the companies aren't spending as much money and I think that they are just staying within the budget that Mnet is giving themㅇㅇ the quality can't help but be lower than season 1...

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