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Secret, I Wish, Save Me Save You, As You Wish and Queendom2
I don't think that she got surgery but only lip fillers
Why are people hating her saying that she had surgery

It's a shame that she looks different
But why are lip fillers such a big deal?

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1. [+111, -3]
But what do you expect her to do? Before she got surgery, you guys called her ugly but then she got surgery and you guys are nitpicking saying that she looks like a Gangnam beauty and hating on her looks again

2. [+96, -2]
But for real, who cares if she had surgery or not...? Did you guys pay for her surgeries?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys are the ones saying that you want eyelids surgery or nose surgery everyday no?

3. [+76, -3]
No but who cares if she got surgery or not?

4. [+37, -2
But her lips weren't the only weird things on Vlive that day

5. [+25, -15]
"Unnie unnie unnie!!!
What the hell is your secret??!
Unnie, please, unnie!!"

6. [+23, -1]
She did too much. I was shocked when I watched Queendom ㅠ

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