She's definitely the kirakira-type (T/N: kirakira = bling bling/girly)... her facial features are all pretty but her eyes are seriously gems

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1. [+197, 0]
Seriously... first of all, Yeri needs to let go of those seagull eyebrows. I'm sorry but... she looks way better with straight eyebrows..

2. [+140, -2]
For real, she suits the idol styling

3. [+87, -1]
Please make her old makeup come back..

4. [+76, -2]
I like Yeri in this kind of makeup better than the nude tone makeup ㅠㅠ Yeri can do whatever she wants but she's summer-cool toned

5. [+56, -1]
Yeri can do whatever she likes but straight eyebrows + refreshing idol makeup is too unrivaled and fits her the most. She cannot do this kind of makeup as she grows olderㅠㅠㅠㅠ it's a blessing that she can still do this kind of styling at this age so she should do it a lot. She has plenty of time to do the seagull eyebrows later on... For real, there are a lot of idols who cannot do this styling because of their age

6. [+45, -60]
But from a muggle's point of view, Yeri just doesn't have a presence to the point of being fascinating... She lacks so much presence that they could remove her and I wouldn't even notice. I'm being nosy but she should work harder to make herself a presence

7. [+40, -3]
Seriously, I feels like she wanted to have that Jennie style but she matches the girly and innocent style better

8. [+37, 0]
I feel like she doesn't like this kind of styling... But I don't think she matches the style she's going after ㅠ

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