[enter-talk] WOW ROSE'S CRAZY


They May issue for Harper's Bazaar
Seriously, Rose fits Saint-Laurent like a glove... too pretty

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1. [+55, -10]
She's the first and only Asian global ambassador for Saint-Laurent and the first and only Asian global model for Tiffany & Co. She's seriously impressive and awesome. It's no different than saying that she's legendary and writing the model history. ChaengLaurent ChaengFanny

2. [+38, -5]
This one is seriously jjang...

3. [+34, -5]
Seriously her aura is just ChaegLaurent

4. [+25, -17]
All of her pictorials look the same so this pictorial just look like another one... Blonde + windy hair that covers part of her face + Saint-Laurent's typical dispirited aura. Please, I wanna see her in another vibe. Please give her various styling

5. [+23, -2]
Without the logo

[enter-talk] ROSE'S CLOTHES...

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1. [+19, -4]
Rose isn't wearing the original ones but the reformed ones. To be honest, how is she supposed to wear the original ones?ㅋㅋㅋ even for the runways, what the models are wearing are a bit too much... I think that Saint-Laurent's sales would went straight down if not for Rose. They have way too many weird clothes

2. [+14, -1]
Ooh those Rose pictures are legendary

3. [+13, -1]
Must be a spoiler for her solo (?)

4. [+3, 0]
These look like clothes made by a pervert ㅠ

5. [+2, 0]
It's amazing that these are sold outㅋㅋㅋ

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