8 weeks provided by SM Universe (SMU)
This is an after-school education program that consists of basic producing, vocal, modeling, acting and English education. It will be an opportunity to experience SMU's unique educational direction and curriculum in advance, and to learn about the potential of a global artist!

SMU Program content

Content: Producing, vocal, modelling, acting specialty and English 
Target: middle school 3rd year ~ Highschool 1st year (06-07'er)
Date: May 9th 2022~July 1st 2022, every day (Mon-Fri) 
Time: 6:30PM - 10PM 
Location: Seoul, Gangnam, Apgujeong 423 (SM building) 

SMU recruitment notice 
1. Fill up document (Apply online on April 20th)
2. Student audition & parents interviews (face to face interview on April 22nd-25th)
3. Acceptance announcement (online notification on April 28th)

We are looking for participants for after-school programs (academy) offered by SM Universe.
- Application period: 2022.04.11 (Mon) ~ 2022.04.20 (Thu)
- Class schedule: 2022.05.09 start (8-week course)
- Class time: 5 times a week / 6:30~10:00 PM
- https://www.smuniverse.com/
- https://Inquiries:%[email protected]/

So is this their new way of auditioning? ㅋㅋ

original post: here

1. Even English?

2. They're going as far as interviewing parentsㄷㄷ

3. So oldies can't participate? 

4. Wait this is free? So they're going to take kids that are my type and hide them again...


"So oldies can't?"

6. I want to do this too, it seems fun (but I'm passed the age) 

7. Please do this for adults too...

8. Please give this to adults too... I don't care if I don't become a trainee... I just want to take the lessons..

9. Since this is free, the students can even gain knowledge in 5 additional fields, this must be so fun 

10. What the? I'm a grandma born in 2002, so you can't even offer this to me? I'm curious

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