I asked my blood-related nuna and she said that women in general barely ever watch it.. For real..?

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1. But normal people rarely ever watch p*rn right?

2. But 85% of them watch p*rn 

3. I tried watching it and most of them are so male-oriented that I rather read female-oriented novels instead. If we talk about videos, rather than p*rn, I rather watch movies and dramas? If you have friends who try to share p*rn, people might look at you weird, but if you just try to share some explicit videos, everyone will be calm about it

4. I don't watch it 

5. I watch it every other day, but nobody knows itㅎ

6. I watch them freaking often 

7. I watch them everyday~~

8. From teens to mid-twenties, I watch it from time to time
but after my mid-twenties, I've never watched it again. Because my life was so hard that my s*x drive just crashed... I used to not believe people who say "I watched them before but not anymore" but now I've became one... It's possible 

9. I've never watch it once 

10. Rather than p*rn I read webtoons and watch dramas

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