T/N: Inssa = insider/have a lot of friends/popular (1 million won = ~800 USD)

"- 4million won 21st birthday gifts unboxing 
- XXX tens of thousand won?? Unboxing historical 18th birthday gifts"

"- I didn't know that I would receive this much... Unboxing first birthday gifts of my 20's. Calvin Klein, Jo Malone, Dior, Lush...
- Unboxing last gifts of my teens.. 1st part.. By the way, just opening the packages took 2 hours...!!!"

"- I was unboxing but this unboxing took me 2 hours
- My friends sent me this many gifts ㅠㅠ"

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1. [+231, 02]
But anyways, all of those are all money that they will have to spend later on... they should gift back gifts of the same value to the kids who gifted them...

2. [+159, -2]
No matter how there's nothing to watch on YouTube, I would never watch those kind of videos

3. [+108, -4]
If they receive this much, they should give back just as much. I wouldn't be able to do this because of laziness

4. [+43, 0]
Half of those were directly gifted by brands though. Also, they are receiving this much because they take this much care of their friendsㅋㅋㅋ They are living such tiring lives

5. [+29, -1]
Those are all debts

6. [+13, 0]
My friend is really an inssa and they do receive a ton of gifts on their birthday...

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