F*ck, I'm having a f*cking hard time. What about you guys?

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This is unrelated but I kinda feel better reading posts like these that I can relate to rather than receiving comfort...ㅋㅋㅋ let's find strength

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I wanna go into the manhwa world of the New Atashin'chi that I watched when I was little where they have 0 worries and live there...

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Rather than having a hard time, I just want to escape somewhereㅜ to another world... is this having a hard time?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅜㅜㅜㅜ Just like a comment said under, living is not living

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Seriously, I don't understand why we study. I f*cking want to screw my studies off. Seriously, they just make people depressed and annoyed

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I feel like people are generally having a hard time in April~May. I also feel this way time time. It's a bit hard for me but let's all find strength

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What's difficult about being born as a girl? No need to enlist, it's easy to earn money if you don't give birth, you have lower s*xual drive and lower appetite, isn't life f*cking fun? If you work for Coupang (T/N: delivery service in Korea), the men are the ones in charge of loading and unloading packages, while girls are in charge of stickers, barcodes and packing. But they receive the same amount of money. Not only Coupang but more than half of society is like that. It's way easier for girls to earn money. I was talking to the aunties who clean washrooms, who are care takers and who work in the kitchen but are those works of millennial girls? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those are all jobs of women of advanced age or ethnic Koreans living in China. Millennial girls can easily earn money and have a comfortable job. Bluntly speaking, if your looks are ok, you can become a cam-girl on Afreeca TV and earn money like that. And even if your looks are bad, you can become a female game streamer and earn on average 3 million won per month. Same with white collar jobs. And just look at the civil servants. Men are the ones doing the heavy duty work while women are doing the easy jobs. Promotions and salaries are all the same. 

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That's what I felt after entering my late 20's. I really had a hard time in my 10's. Just find a bit of strength

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