Why are there so many pretty people when I look at Insta... For real, everyone has their own style and own aura. For example, they either have full bangs and have cool-tone makeup or they are plain and innocent, etc. I envy the faces of people with those styles and I also envy the fact that they are skinny... Also, before claiming that they are just photogenic or that they edit their pictures, they sometimes go on Insta live or upload videos on Insta stories without any filters and there's no way that they would edit all of that... I'm jealous

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I feel like there are a lot of pretty people nowadays who also have good educational background and who have kind of a well-off family on top of it

2. [+17, -2]
Everyone takes 100 pictures and edit that one picture that came out good

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Insta vibe? They must know about it

4. [+11, -1]
But people usually only upload their best self! It's ok, let's live without comparing ourselves!! That's what Oh Eunyoung doctor-nim said

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The thing that seriously gives me a reality check is that those people have such pretty pictures on their feed and I tried taking the pictures from the same angle as them and... I'll just leave out the restㅎㅎ

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Don't let your confidence down when you look at Insta. Didn't someone say that everyone just uploads their life's highlight?ㅋㅋ

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I don't really care about people who are pretty and have nice bodies but when I see that they even have good educational backgrounds, I'm freaking jealous (T/N: some Insta users put their university name in their description)

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