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"- I was the target of a lot of criticism
- It seemed like a part of the people commenting were people who knew me.
- There were comments sharing about the location of my house,
- There were comments bragging about if they met me in real life, that they would do horrible things to me...
- Even right now, they would send me pictures of their genitals and videos of them mast*rbating in my Insta DMs
- After a few months and a lot of time...
- I caught a total of 18 hate commenters.
- More than half of them were women,
- A portion of them were even married women.
- I'm not taking sides whatsoever,
- But as a fellow woman.. also to these women who are even older than me..
- I thought that as fellow women, they would understand me..
- But I don' think that it was the case and I'm deeply shocked."

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1. [+806, -41]
I do think that the f*ckers who leave hate comments should get punished but what does she mean by "as a fellow woman, I thought that they would understand?"
> [+105, 0] She's saying that if the comments are left by women themselves, they they should know better how she feels... She's even more shocked because these women were the ones saying those things to her and tormenting her; if you think about it, you'll understand right away
> [+21, 0] She's getting s*xually harassed as a fellow woman, isn't that what she means?

3. [+679, -74]
ㅋㅋ if more than half were women, then doesn't that mean that the other half are men?.. Probably 10 were women and 8 were men

4. [+512, -11]
She's uploading such poor taste videos, of course she would get s*xual comments harassing her (T/N: see lower comment)

5. [+443, -1]
But I don't think that fellow women view her as the same as them though?

6. [+362, -3]
But she only uploads videos to get male validation...

7. [+339, -8]
But the thing that this person said were unpleasant and offensive thoughㅋㅋ

8. [+333, -1]
She has a channel that only caters her videos to incels so I understand ㅋㅋ

9. [+243, -1]
If she claims that more than half are women, doesn't that mean that the other half are men? What the? So if there were more men, aren't they gonna be offended...?

10. [+235, -1]
I feel like all of you here don't know who she is... She's a woman from the Spooning channel. I feel like if I don't hide the images, OP will delete my comment so I'm hiding it. I think that that woman is the CEO of Spooning? Anyways, it's possible

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