This was on Saturday at Jung Yein's fanmeeting, she appeared as a guest

She's 1m55, but here she looks even more tiny 

These are pictures from her latest promotions

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1. I'm envious of people who are able to force themselves to lose weight by their own volition, I never knew she was only 1m55

2. It looks like her entire body shed the baby fat away

3. What the? She lost so much weight it made me wonder if she was sick

4. She has  a lot of individual fans but she also has a lot of haters. There are always a bunch of hate comments on posts about Lovelyz so I bet the fans are now feeling at rest with Lovelyz ending promotions.. Seriously why are people like that?

5. I'm f*cking speechless. Whether she loses weight or not, she's pretty and charming, who are you to judge her? Stop bullsh*tting about losing weight, you go lose your own weight 

6. This is up to her, before talking, always consider whether you might hurt the other party, this is just basic manners. 
People here are saying "she's not even that young anymore" so it gives you right to write hate comments?
The way you guys are being so freely critical towards celebrities is severe

7. They look like they have such a good relationshipㅠㅠt's such a shame that they had to disband 
But she lost too much weight. It makes me wonder if she's sick somewhere and I'm worried ㅠㅠ

8. You guys don't even know why she lost weight so why are you guys bullsh*tting about her weight? I realize how you guys are damn mean to this kid just by reading the comments here. This is why being celebrities is an extreme job 

9. Why is Theqoo becoming more and more disgusting nowadays? Why do you guys judge others' visuals so easily? ㅋㅋㅋ

10. She looks so awkward..

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