1. BTS (singer)
2. Blackpink (singer)
3. Son Heungmin (sports)
4. Ryu Hyunjin (sports)
5. Lee Chanwon (singer)
6. Lee Seunggi (broadcast person)
7. Im Youngwoong (singer)
8. Yoon Yeojung (actor)
9. Yoo Jaesuk (broadcast person)
10. Jang Minho (singer)
11. IU (singer)
12. Park Seojun (actor)
13. Jang Yoonjung (singer)
14. Ahn Junghwan (broadcast person)
15. Kim Yeonkyung (sports)
16. Jung Dongwon (singer)
17. TWICE (singer)
18. Lee Jungjae (actor)
19. Lee Ji-ah (actor)
20. Lee Minho (actor)
21. Kim Soohyun (actor)
22. Suzy (actor)
23. Kim Soyeon (actor)
24. Park Eunsoek (actor)
25. Young Tak (singer)
26. Kang Daniel (singer)
27. Jun Mido (actor)
28. Han Sohee (actor)
29. Song Hyekyo (actor)
30. Son Yejin (actor)
31. Song Gain (singer)
32. Rain (singer)
33. Park Shinhye (actor)
34. Lee Seungyoon (singer)
35. Lee Moojin (singer)
36. Irene (broadcast person)
37. Ahn Hyoseob (actor)
38.  Kim Hyesoo (actor)
39. Kim Heejae (singer)
40. Park Bogum (actor)

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1. Bangta's score is crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. BP, please come back in June

3. Forbes Korea has never focused that much on sales so every time they reveal their ranking, there are always weird talks surrounding it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just leave it the way it is. It's like some brand reputation ranking that they make based on their own standards

4. Isn't this just for fun?

5. Who is Park Eunseok?

6. Why is Lee Ji-ah here??

7. Agree agree

8. Can we just look at this for fun? Why are people fighting?

9. Let's not fight..

10. Wow what's up with trot's popularity~? Freaking awesome

11. Are their standards people's following on SNS?ㅋㅋㅋ it's fun

12. I like Bangtan, Im Youngwoong and Ahn Hyoseob

13. I acknowledge Bangtan, BP and Son Heungmin's power

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