Hello, This is Source Music.

We are happy to announce that the release of LE SSERAFIM’s 1st Mini Album FEARLESS, as well as the on/offline Fan Showcase, is scheduled for Monday, May 2nd.

[Album Release]

– When: Monday, May 2nd 2022, 18:00 (KST)

[Fan Showcase]

– When: Monday, May 2nd 2022, 20:00 (KST)

– Where: Jangchung Arena

(Online platform for the showcase to be further announced)

As captured in the meaning of “I’M FEARLESS,” LE SSERAFIM will keep moving fearlessly forward, paying no attention to the world’s set expectations. Show them your love and support as they embark on their journey as artists with their first mini album!

LE SSERAFIM’s 1st Mini Album FEARLESS will be available for pre-order from Wed, April 13. More information on the album release and the Fan Showcase will be provided later on LE SSERAFIM’s Weverse community.

Thank you.

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1. They're making a lot of issues in a bad way. I wonder how this group will do... 

2. Looks like they didn't want their money invested to go to waste so they're hugging her and going with itㅋㅋ

3. They're not trying to fool anyone. Right-wing, rigging, sexualization of minors with the costumes, etc. they have so many controversies yet they're being so confident with this

4. Looks like they're hugging "that person" and going through with it. Please save our Yunjinㅠ

5. Save Eunchae and Yunjin ㅠ

6. I personally feel like the right-wing controversy for Sakura is being misunderstood by a lot. After 2016, it's possible that her mindset has changed and since she's Japanese, even though her mindset has changed, she can't just express it out loud either. However Koreans are always wondering "must we give her a chance?" then if you keep insisting on having a stance against her, then why should we consume any Japanese person? Isn't this a bit unfair? 
I heard that Sakura is getting equally sworn at in Japan because people find her too friendly with Korea, meanwhile, she's also not receiving good press in Korea either... 
Of course a Japanese person will choose Japanese opportunities first if they had to choose between the two.

7. They're going through with that school violence kid???

8. Kim Garam is seriously obaㅠㅠ Because of her, the members will receive so much sexual harassment, so they're going to overlook that ?????

9. Wow... Seriously their faces are made out of steal 

10. Why are they taking Kim Garam in? They seriously can't distinguish heaven and earth. Talk about smearing BTS' face with sh*t

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