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1. The title song sounds the worst 

2. More than half the songs are good, I'll judge them when I see them perform 

3. Mermaid sounds good 

4. All the b-sides sounds good 

5. I was so looking forward to this but is it because it's just a highlight medley? It sounds more boring than I thought. I'll still purchase the album to listen to the entire thing 

6. We need to wait until they fully release it. Right now, I can't say that any of these songs are title-worthy 

7. I can't distinguish any of the members' voices, who is doing which part?

8. They picked a good song. Even with a school violence member, people will be able to peacefully fangirl 

9. Mermaid sounds good ,but the title song falls a bit flat??

10. No but the title song is way too hiddenㅠㅠ  There's no difference between this and the other teaser we hadㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  All the b-side songs sound good, the last song especially gets stuck in your head at the first listen 

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