"1. Fans who have a bias : You like everyone but you like that member a bit more than others
2. Individual fans: You mainly only like this one member
3. Akgae: You only like your member and everyone else are your member's ennemy"

I'm #2

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1. Why is there not an option for an All-fan who doesn't have a bias

2. I used to be an all-fan but... but they had one member who had a s*x scandal so..

3. I have my #1 and #2 bias but I like them all~~~

4. I'm definitely #2 but I like the other members too. I just don't fangirl on them

5. #1

6. I'm a solid #2 but I support all the group and if other members have something, I'm interested too

7. I'm none of the 3... I just like the group and the kids as a whileㅋㅋㅋ I just like the group vibe so much and the vibe of their song so I like all the kids... so I have no interest in their acting or unit activities

8. #2. I do wish the best for the group but I don't like every member

9. #2, individual fan. Even so, I got attached to the other members as time went so I do like them too

10. 1 + all-fan, I have my bias but I have no interest in their solo activities. I like it the best when all the members are together

11. #1

12. 22 I used to think that I like all members but looking into it, it's not to that extent. I like them all when they are with my bias

13. I joined the fandom as #2 but I became #1. When I see the members with my bias, I naturally started to like them too. But of course, my bias is still my bias

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