This is why Dispatch had prepared a survey based on the knowledge of military exemption The survey had asked questions on the perspective of Korean citizens, in a fair manner. The success rate is 95% to 3%.

91% of the people answered that promoting the country is important. 95% had answered that it is significant in cultural development. People have noted the impact on promoting the country through Kpop at 98%, and sports with 90%. BTS were chosen as the #1 contributors with (64%)

89% of respondents agree on the need to grant benefits to those who contribute to national prestige and cultural development. 70% had agreed to a need in a reform of the policy. The majority of the people spoke out on the policy's failure to adapt to generational changes.

78% had expressed the need to add popular culture onto the list. According to 59% of the respondents, they claim that a new criteria should be made for those who make it onto international award shows. An order of cultural merits was voted with (25%).

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1. You said that you were going to go in order and keep your word. Exemption is better in terms of equity than enlisting together, but thinking about the future, it is better for the members to go in turn.
However, the company is the one who is making this more and more controversial
"Ooh, ooh, regarding military, we’ll enlist on our own when it’s time. Those bastards who used our names and tried to ride our coattails, to all shut up"

2. They've been saying "we're going~~" for months already, but they're still not goingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Me too I can only agree to BTS being exempt. Everyone around me agrees to it and I think looking at this survey, people in general agree to it 

4. Stop this bullsh*t and go enlist already, he's already 31 years old 

5. They're the biggest of celebrities right now, I think they'll be able to show such a cool side to them if they still decided to go 

6. If they know better, they should just enlist 

7. It's way better to just enlist cleanlyㅜㅜ I'm getting dizzy just thinking about the hate they'll receive in the future 

8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who agreed to this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I don't agree with thisㅋㅋ Who are the ones who agreed? I bet only the fans voted for this

10. If they were more future-oriented, they would know that enlisting is the most advantageous route to take 


Jan 11th Winner Lee Seunghoon - Honorable discharge from public service call 
Feb 11th Zea Kim Dongjoon -  serving the Corporal service in the 1st Infantry Division of the Republic of Korea Army
Feb 26th  Oh Kwang Seok (Feeldog) - Military band sergeant full discharge
Mar 7th BTOB Hyunsik - serving as Republic of Korea Army Capital Corps Sgt.
Mar 13th Infinite L - serving as Republic of Korea Marine Corps Unit 1267 in service
Mar 20th B1A4 Sandeul - serving public service
Apr 6th Vixx Ken - Expiry discharge, Republic of Korea Army Military Academy Service Support Group Sergeant Major
Apr 9th BlockB Ukwon - Expiry discharge, Sergeant at the Republic of Korea Army Non-commissioned Academy
Apr 17th Pentagon Jinho - Expiry discharge, Sergeant of the Army Personnel Command's Military Music Guard Battalion
May 6th EXO Baekhyun - serving public service
May 18th Monsta X ShownU - serving public service
Jun 21st KARD J.seph - Expiry discharge, Sgt. of the 6th Infantry Division, Republic of Korea
Jul 8th BlockB Park Kyung - serving as a sergeant in the 3rd Corps of the Republic of Korea Army
Aug 21st ex-Ftisland Seunghyun - Expiry discharge, Army 8th Corps Sgt.
Sept 5th ex-B1A4 Baro - Expiry discharge, Army 7th Infantry Division Sergeant
Sept 14th BlockB Zico - serving public service
Sept 21st EXO Chen - serving in Army 56th Infantry Division full-time reserve sergeant
Nov 4th Teentop Cap - serving in army
Nov 11th Ftisland Minhwan - Honorary discharge Sergeant from the Republic of Korea Army full-time reserve service
Nov 27th EXO Chanyeol - serving Corporal, 9th Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Division
Dec 4th BTS Jin - (X) Application for a one-year delay after receiving the Order of Cultural Merit

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1. He needs to go 

2. Let's just play it safe and serve 18 months 

3. L is serving in the marinesㄷㄷ 
I believe that the act of enlistment will come with a huge benefit at the end 

4. Putting things like that, he really should be going, it makes me realize how late he is 

5. This sure puts things into perspectiveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

6. If he knows better, he should be going. When you look at all the articles coming out, he should realize it's better for him to just go 

7. Yah f*ck even Bigbang served the army 

8. L went to the marines????

9. They kept saying they would be going and they even got to push it until the end of the year this year, he should read the room. And what's up with this f*cked up statement of enlisting together when there's someone who's only a 97'er in the group?

10. They said when it's time, they'd go, the end
"Ooh, ooh, regarding military, we’ll enlist on our own when it’s time. Those bastards who used our names and tried to ride our coattails, to all shut up"


"HYBE "BTS military service uncertainty is making things difficult... Waiting for Parliament's conclusion"

Now the agency is stepping up to intervene in the political arena and asking for a military exemption

- They're a company who's earning money and pocketing for themselves.. Why do they have a say in whether they can go to the army or no?... They're earning money for themselves so they have the right to decide whether they can go to the army? ... Then shouldn't all idols be entitled to exemption? ... Let's not forget that Korea can be on the brink of war at any time... I want to ask them whether they'll be ok sending BTS to perform overseas if war breaks 

- I love BTS but they need to go to the army;;;;;; We're not in an open-air market, if they keep acting this clumsy with it, the bad repercussions will be no joke
- I really feel bad for them but BTS needs to go to the army. The reason being once you grant an exception to someone, there will be no end to it. It will allow for children of politicians or wealthy children to legally test for artistry and get an exemption

- When the first conversations about exemptions started, they said it themselves that they'd do anything to serve and not become a puppet to the politics... We were waiting for an entire year and waited for something to happen... Now it's clear that they've given up to the political circles

- The BTS members have all grown to earn millions worth of assets, but what are they contributing to the society with all that money? In the end, they're just working for their own lives like other celebrities. Why would we grant them a benefit to do this? If you're going to act like that, then you should've granted PSY too 

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1. [+369, -10]
This company is of no help to Bangtan 

2. [+289, -8]
Why is the company acting like that?

3. [+278, -35]
Right now all the kids who are agreeing to BTS' exemptions are acting like jjang-gaes (T/n: derogatory term for Chinese people)... Are your intentions to purposefully make people swear and sh*t on BTS? Even Army are against BTS' exemptions right now 

4. [+191, -67]
I'm seriously disappointed in Jin... He said himself that he'd be enlisting but he's not practicing what he preaches. And now he's acting like he'll do whatever the company will tell him to do and he'll just shut his mouth? Meanwhile the fangirls are there desperately trying to shield them by claiming that they themselves want to go, but the company is the one holding them back. This is total bullsh*t. Right now, he's not saying anything about wanting to go to the army anymore and stated himself that the company's stance is his stance. He's hiding behind the company and waiting for an exemption. It cannot be more clear. Wow seriously what a total disappointment 

5. [+184, -60]
Jin said himself that his stance on exemption was the same as the company's. So he's been waiting to be granted an exemption. I'm not an Army but I've listened to BTS' songs frequently. But this is just wrong. 

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