The pictures they drew behind (t/n:the hangul word is s*x)
This is definitely going down as the worst pre-debut idol picture

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1. Sane kids don't do stuff like that 

2. She hasn't debuted yet and we're close to debut, I think it's better if they just remove her from the group. The image of 'the group with the kid who loves s*x' will follow Le Sserafim if they debut togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she'll ruin it for the other members... Let's remove her fast agency-yah..

3. Wow they took this picture and released it and she still thought about debuting as a celebrity? The proof she's empty headedㅋㅋㅋ

4. It's still a turn off no matter how you see itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's hilariousㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can't even think of any swears

5. You can't be this obsessed over s*xual organs like that, it kinda shows her personality 

6. I don't think the company knew about it, but people are already calling her the Korean CardiB.. Are they really debuting her with this concept? Looks like the company isn't thinking about the other members at all 

7. It's my first time seeing a dark past involving someone horny... I've seen all kinds of iljin pasts but it's my first time seeing this kind of controversy and not even from a male idol 

8. She's already dragging the group's image to the mud even before debut
This is why Bang Sihyuk doesn't suit female groups..tsk 

9. The same time has a right-wing member too, so of course her actions are acceptable to them 

10. Being shameless enough to draw this with chalk over school chalk board is just showing her personality is trash


OP: Why are you going around with Kim Garam's past pictures. Looks like you really want to spread her information around
A: I went to the same middle school as her. She was popular in middle school for being a same-grade school violence assailant
OP: Can you tell me a bit more in details? 
A: If hoobaes didn't greet her, she will bully them through facebook message. She would scare people around. Of course she also smoked and drank 

OP: Don't you have pictures of her smoking and drinking?
A: There are lots of people who have them, but not me. 
But she was even popular [for her bullying] in other schools too 
OP: Are there no other anecdotes? Or pictures?

A: She extorted money too and she's seriously such a thug
OP: You're telling the truth right?
A: It's seriously the truth. I was so scared of her because we attended the same school. Seeing her debut is just too unfair. Right now if you look at Facebook or Twitter, you'll see what's happening. There should be more people who have Kim Garam's pictures 

Garam: Yah if you refuse I'm really gonna kill youㅋㅋ
OP: No
Garam: Tale it f*cking b*tch 
OP: Please stop calling me please
Garam: Why aren't you taking my call?
"I was too annoyed so I did it, sorryㅋㅋ"

"Just get bitten up you dumb*ass (t/n: expression kinda hard to translate)"

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1. The people in charge of this girl group seriously need a beating. What are they doing? Is it that hard to find people? If you can't find anyone, just don't make a group tsk tsk 

2. Right-wing, rigged member and school violence, what kind of standard is this??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously what a mess

3. I bet these people are planning to release more and more proofs of her school violence? Of course it's scary because she was able to enter such a big company, but they're probably gathering evidences and will release it to everyone 

4. IVE is the winnerㅋㅋㅋ

5. This is a girl group.. The s*xual jokes will be so severe if they debut her with the group.. 

6. Sigh this is a f*cking mess.. If you want to become a celebrity, at least try to keep your school years clean and don't f*ck around. Should've lived a bit more kindly tsk tsk

7. If you want to become a celebrity, you don't even need to have done good things in the past, all you need is to live an average life, is even this something impossible? 

8. At this rate, I don't buy that the company had no idea this was happening. Is it this hard to perform background check?

9. Can't they just get rid of her now?

10. Ah Min Heejin needs to release her group as soon as possible, let's just scrap Le Sserafim 


(T/N: the caption of the picture says "how was s*x today?")
Kim Chae Eun: I'll be your s*x partner
Kim Garam: Aing give me a FB DM

"Le Sserafim's Garam is a school violence assailant
Today, I went to school and we all thought the same, with what kind of guts is she debuting?
Who are you to debut with Sakura baby and Kim Chaewon god-baby???????"

Kim Garam: First out all, it seems like people are misunderstanding us smoking. All our friend group hates the smell of cigarettes and nobody smokes either. There are not even kids who smoke but don't want to smoke. They said that there was one kid in the 1st semester in our group who smoked. It's really not us. I think that you're misunderstanding. I hope that you all stop to talk about smoking. Seriously, the thing that we want is that you don't believe the rumors and that you don't talk about it... We won't do actions that cause misunderstandings anymore. Sorry

Reply1: Please don't misunderstand...

Reply 2: Seriously, a lot of people think it's me but it's really not me... please don't misunderstand, honestly...

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1. [+269, -1]
Aren't you guys so turned of by those FB posts? How can she be an idol like that?

2. [+243, -1]
How can she think that she can debut like that?

3. [+228, -1]
Tormenting others is the most clever thing to do. Without proofs, the fans will just ignorantly shield her and it will end like that

4. [+116, 0]
Her level is so low. Seriously, drawing things like that on a school blackboard isn't just playing, it's gross. Since she's debuting soon, the kids who were hanging out with her will probably write supporting posts for her or cut their ties with her

5. [+114, -1]
But that blackboard's doodles are way too legendary... is her school full of dumb people? Are you all playing like this at school?

6. [+73, 0]
If they don't want to ruin a group that's about to debut, they should kick her out ㅋㅋ

7. [+65, 0]
No buy who would write "s*x" on a school board?

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