Jennie went to Hawaii in April and a few days ago, Yeri also went to Hawaii and the pictures she uploaded are almost all like those of Jennie..
Even foreigners say that Yeri is always copying Jennie

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Did someone report this? They reported the post since most of the clothes Yeri wore were sponsored. So if she wears sponsored clothes that are similar, it means that she's copying her? Did you guys forget that Yeri was a celebrity? Yeri uploaded countless pictures that were not similar. Is your life better after gathering a few pictures like this? Did Jennie become more impressive?ㅋㅋㅋ There are a lot of outfits that Yeri wore first too so how is Yeri copying her? Let's use our logic....

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Pann-girls have started their "woman is another woman's biggest enemy" attacks on a young and pretty female idol today againㅠㅠ You guys don't go a day without doing this but when you hear the term "woman is another woman's biggest enemy", you get so defensive saying that such thing doesn't existㅋㅋㅋ

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Hate posts about Jennie kept on flooding since yesterday and this is a post written by a Jennie antiㅋㅋ They are purposely writing it like this and making up fake hate comments as if they were written by Blinks. You can see through everything with how the best comments all appeared in an instantㅇㅇ. The wording sounds like it was written by those DC Gallery b*tches seeing those Nguyen posts (T/N: see below). Don't you know that they were the ones who started saying that Yeri copied Jennie? This post doesn't even reflect Blinks' opinion and it was written by those DC Gallery b*tches to get Yeri and Jennie hate so Blinks and Luvies, don't feed the troll~ You DC Gallery b*tches are stinking from your sewers so screw off a bitㅠ 
"- At some point, I felt that Jennie became so ugly
- Does BP Jennie not have a chin?
- Jennie looks like an Nguyen"

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These are such common angles that it's making me embarrassed...

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The thing that creeps me out about Blink-roaches is that they will deny the fact that Jennie is copying foreign celebrities

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