"ITZY Ryujin] Shin Ryujin master who misses Byulie and Dalie (T/N: Star and Moon) 

"Haechan: Our Uju (T/N: universe)
Fan: The two dogs are too cute ^^
Haechan: You're cuter"

Star, Moon and Universeㄷㄷㄷㄷ even if this is a coincidence, it's destiny

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1. [+133, -27]
This also seems suspicious but the "egg-flower" (T/N: both of them uses the term "egg-flower" which doesn't really mean anything) and seeing how he was so flustered he was exposed for following ITZY's v-app, f*ck, they are definitely dating

2. [+110, -21]
At this point, f*ck.. Aren't they begging people to find out that they are dating?

3. [+103, -35]
Seriously, they are not even fooling the fans anymore. You guys must be having fun with your thrill-relationship huh? 

4. [+58, -4]
They are always saying "cut it down f*ck, aren't you guys tired?" but every time they have a comeback, it breaks out. That's why people are making a fuss

5. [+47, -1
I'm a Midzy so I don't know when Haechan started to raise his animals but Ryujin had them even before debuting

6. [+46, 0]
The dog's name wasn't given by Haechan. His little sister said that she would raise the dog herself so they took him in. It was his little sister's dog at firstㅋㅋㅋ We're at a generation where everything can be Googled so why hate him based on fake things?..

7. [+45, -1]
But isn't talking about their pets way too forced? Aren't they raising them alone anyways?

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