Those are Gentle Monster sunglasses

"It's right <3 for real. But the one next to him on the capture is reallyXXX..???
"The hot picture that got reported today. I don;t know if it's just a doppelganger. But those 2 top idols were found in Jeju island. Noteworthy is the fact that that top female idol's break up rumors with an OG idol member got released today, so the fans are buying into this even more. 
First of all, there are no fact check yet so I'll hide the names for now"

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1. [+251, -35]
This is straight up those 2 just by looking... Even V followed Jennie before, they're making it f*cking obvious

2. [+189, -24]
It's true that this is V, if you claim you're an Army, isn't it obvious to you? 

3. [+141, -8]
First of all, it's true that both of them went to Jeju island, if you read it in the other post

4. [+121, -43]
Even with their bare face and without the eyebrows, it's identical 

5. [+96, -5]
This is irrefutable looking at it like that.. 

6. [+70, -6]
No but this is straight up Jennie's side profile..? What the?

7. [+60, -2]
For real, if this is really V, Jennie's boyfriend record is solid f*ck, the role model of all women in Korea should be Jennie 

8. [+50, -3]
First of all, the face shape is Jennie's..

[enter-talk] JENNIE AND GD BROKE UP 

GD unfollowed Jennie on his private account. He's still following Rose, Lisa and Jisoo 

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1. [+567, -128]
Jennie could do better

2. [+401, -48]
This is the best news I've gotten this year

3. [+301, -4]
honestly, they didn't suit each other at all. GD and Jennie just respected each other, they should just stay best friends instead

4. [+282, -101]
Imagine dating a hot guy like Kai and go for a paper-like man... Of course they won't go far

5. [+257, -10]
Both are doing well, are pretty and handsome, yet they weirdly didn't suit each other 

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