[enter-talk] LOOK AT V'S INSTA STORY

Ah the f*cking characteristics of a boyfriend
Just be my husband, f*ck

"Current whereabouts?"

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1. [+189, =10]

2. [+178, -14]
F*ck, where can you find a boyfriend who looks like this... freaking handsome, for real, ah

3. [+141, -12]
Look at his face. My heart is f*cking beating

4. [+49, 0]
Hair, makeup, coordi, he doesn't need any of those.. just his messy hair and the grey hoodie is already freaking solid

5. [+48, 0]
The vibe of the pictures is freaking familiar but the way he looks isn't familiar. Freaking handsome

6. [+46, 0]
My heartbeat got shocked today. It's such a shame that the Insta story is gone

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