Weeekly (from Apink and The Boyz' company) - Maybe because they are Apink's hoobae group, I think that they showed some signs of receiving attention during their debut. However, once they came out, all the members looked way too similar.. 
Of course, if you looked at them separately, every one of them have their uniqueness and are different but their styling and clothes made it hard to differentiate between the members?
For example, the props they used on stage were way too overused. Of course, they were cute but I think that it was hard to become their fan by watching their stage. I kinda feel like watching them at events or on stage in front of me with my friends, I would kinda feel ashamed..
This group also came out with a high-teen concept out of all the dark-concept-idols but then, they suddenly released Ven Para that was also a dark concept ㅜ
If it's hard for them to go back to the high-teen concepts, they could perhaps have a revival with an exciting summer song

Lightsum (Cube Ent.) - The members are definitely not ugly but they look too average.. they kinda just give off a female high school dance team vibe?
Rather than having a harmonious idol members composition, it's better to have 1-2 pretty kids with one member that gets a lot of push even with lacking visuals like JooE.
Even if it can attract trolls ㅇㅇ if not, I think that if they do some fine tuning, they would've been better

Purple Kiss (Mamamoo's hoobaes) - You can tell right away with this picture alone but the members' face and styling and their concept are hard to stan. They kinda give off the Big Mama vibes. If you look at their stages, you would think "ah, they are really talented but I'm not curious..."

Tri.Be (produced by Shinsadong Tiger, EXID's hoobaes) - Their skills are fine but their visuals are honestly... I said that Lightsum looked like a female high school dance team earlier right? These kids look like a gathering of the kids who couldn't even make it to the dance teamㅠ
Lightsum still has 1-2 pretty kids but there is just none here. Meanwhile, there's SNSD Yuri's cousin in here and she's pretty but she's a '97 liner while the member who's closest to her age is a '02 liner so the members composition is f*cking weird.

Woo!Ah! - The gif is self explanatory.
From the song to the choreography, they are all hopeless. Their CEO is a choreographer so it makes me wonder if they want to attract trolls this much? But since they made this group seriously, it makes me sigh even more..
Their title track has the B-side feel and their MVs aren't high quality either..
If you fangirl on idols, you might know Nana and Wooyeon for being mentioned for their pretty looks but they are straight up the only pretty ones and the other three just have no presence.

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1. [+163, -2]
Woo!Ah!'s Wooyeon, Nana/ Weeekly's Jihan, Zoa/ LOONA's Heejin, Hyujin, it's such a shame that none of them hit big. They are pretty and good at doing their work but their company are not able to use them properly. They should debut the 6 of them together

2. [+154, -2]
OP didn't filter her words enough while writing this but she didn't say anything wrong... Personally, I also think that the company's support is really importantㅇㅇ

3. [+101, -5]
Weeekly are really a shame... Jihan, Zoa, Soojin and Jaehee are seriously pretty, Monday is good at singing and Soeun is good at dancing ㅠㅠ these kids and Cherry Bullet deserved to hit big so it's a shame

4. [+95, 0]
No but just what what Cube thinking to be making a 8-members group? First of all, there are way too many unnecessary members, seriously ㅠ having 5-6 members would've been perfect

5. [+55, 0]
Woo!Ah!'s Nana and Wooyeon should've seriously debuted in a big company. Especially Nana. She's good at rapping, singing and dancing. She even knows how to act so it's too regrettable that she couldn't hit big... If she debuted in a well-known company, she would've at least appeared here and there and would've hit bigger

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