"What the? Don't tell me Produce is coming back??"

(t/n: showing they got Produce 101 registered on February 21st 2022)

Daebak... I'm watching if it comes outㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ They're actually reviving Produce

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1. Where did your shame go?

2. Are you insane?

3. Anyways, Ahn Joonyoung got caught so it all ended, what's the issue?

4. Huh? This is eba 

6. They don't have other means to revive flopped idols anyways

7. Produce is already converted to Girls Planet no? They are also doing Boys Planet this year. I feel like they just wanted to keep the name

8. But I feel like it'll actually be fun? I don't really care about the past controversies and I actually wished they'd revive it 

9. Is OP Ahn Joonyoung by any chance?

10. I know it's your freedom to like it or not, but I feel it's wrong to think that rigging something isn't bad.. This broadcast seriously destroyed the opportunities for so many victims and they even revealed the wrong to the public...

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