When I watched the fancam, she was dancing and I was already wondering if the dress was necessary since it was so short

But after seeing the drawing on it, I wondered even more whether it was necessary...? There are so many other red dresses around

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1. The length is eba... But compared to the other members, Ning Ning and Winter's outfits were fine

2. Wow.. It's seriously so so 

3. Not pretty 

4. That brand is pretty famous though 

5. I personally wished Aespa could change their hair and makeup stylists

6. Wow the hair and makeup seriously...

7. No but why would you make pretty kids wear this kind of clothing...
8. Hul it's so weird 

9. It's pretty though 

10. They have so many choices to choose from, why pick this one?

11. Karina's clothes are also from that brand 

12. So so...

13. She looked better in her Hanyang university outfit 

14. The clothes are too scary..

15. I usually love those types of anime wears ... But this one just looks cringe 

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