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1. Because they focus on overseas advancement (including foreign-oriented marketing)

2. The absence of TV-variety programs makes it hard to them to get their faces known

3. Excessive concepts and worldviews

4. Idol culture has always been minor

5. K-pop fandom's excessive culture (forced streaming, pouring money to fangirl, etc.)

6. Red ocean (people describe saturated market/industry as "red ocean" by comparing it to "a sea of blood because of fighting each other.")

7. Other

What do you guys think?

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1. 7 
> Nowadays, you can have fun fangirling even if they are not idols
>> Oh I agree with this too. There are even people fangirling on YouTubers so the alternatives are numerous
>> Me too I think the same
>> Me too, kids nowadays fangirl on YouTubers or TikTokers

2. 345
> I think that it's especially hard because of 5

3. 2

4. I think that everything in the post is right... and the low birth rates too

5. 2
> It reminds me how the popular 1st and 2nd gen idols were going often on variety shows

6. It's complicated

7. Everything

8. Everything. To be honest, there are a lot of fangirls but there are also a lot of people who don't know about k-pop. When I'm bored nowadays, I just don't watch TV or variety shows. I watch Watcha or Netflix. I know some actors but not to the point of being their fangirl

9. 1,2,5,7 but I think that they are focusing too much on the performance and their songs are way too difficult to be enjoyed by the general public

10. 7 all of them look the same to me... And unless they are from a big company, they all feel like the same

11. 1,2

12. 3.7 for me... Back then, idols had their clear concept and their songs were devoted to their concept too so their songs felt easier to listen to. Nowadays, their concepts are all ambiguous and all feel like the same... because they look the same, I don't even wanna look up who's who... and for 7, like a comment mentioned earlier, even the idol culture is a trend in itself so... right now, I feel like the trend has shifted to YouTubers and other internet celebrities...

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