[marriage & in-laws] DO YOU THINK MOON JAE IN DID A GOOD JOB?

It was hell for the past 5 years. 
Numerous gossip and international disgrace. Getting sleepy. Reading and reporting on A4 paper (t/n: because he always reads off papers instead of memorizing the script/doing impromptu). Wife living in luxury. His kids' questionable state support. Disease prevention measures. Fake job creation... Awarded himself a commendable award for doing well until the very end.

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1. [+236, -118]
Seriously so many mentally ill people in the comments, even if Moon Jae In poops on your face, you'll say he did a good job 

2. [+236, -82]
I don't care about anything else, but the price of apartment rising under him was traitor level 

3. [+172, -276]
He did well on COVID prevention... You guys are able to write posts like that because you're all still alive

4. [+107, -116]
First of all, he's above Yoon Sukyeol. Seriously he's not even in office yet and he already makes me miss the 5 failed years that we had. I don't even think he'll be able to handle everything in 5 years

5. [+73, -50]
Moon Jaein was a spy yet nobody knows it. He was ordered to make our land as useless as possible in those 5 years

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