T/n: Generation MZ includes millenials & gen Z, which is 1980s to 2000s 

Seeing what young people do at school or at work, I realize that they're all only focused on themselves 

All they know is about claiming this and that are their rights.., They're way too idealistic... I'm not sure about people in their 30s but people in their teens are 20s are so severe...

They say they are logical, and they're confident in saying that they practice what they preach, but this seems like the most they would do. They're so uninterested in maintaining the overall organization (t/n: company)
Could this be due to differences in education? I don't know..

Am I already being consumed by kkondae? (T/n: kkondae = when old people power trips) I'm in my early 40s and if what I really did was kkondae, I'm scared to see what kind of things these people will do to our society... 

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But you're also just as selfish as a 40 y'o? I'm in my 30s

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They're ignorant and have no manners. They lack common sense. They don't even know how many days "saheul" has (T/n: 'saheul' means 3 days, 'iteul' means 2 days, it's considered more or less 'advanced' speech, usually people say 'sam-il' for 3 days). And yet, they will use their own ignorance to blame others saying stuff like "Why should I use 'saheul' to express 3 days?" and bullsh*t like that. The moment they're good using a computer, a cellphone and Instagram, they think they're so smart, meanwhile their vocabulary and grammar are terrible. The moment you ask them to put down their phones, they'll call you 'kkondae'. 

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But is the organization's improvement gonna do anything for my self-improvement?? Why do I have to keep working even after I left work? Anyone would think that if your company pays you well means they treat you well 

4. [+149, -5]
But do you know this? That the MZ generation starts in the 80s?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ OP who wants to swear at MZ so bad, you're also part of that generation 

5. [+121, -1]
I'm also in my early 40s and we were honestly the same too. The millennials always talk about themselves, and how everyone else are mean to them, and the people who are 60-70s now are all kkondaesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And even when I asked about people in their 60s, they said that when they used to be young, adults used to say "nowadays, the youth~"

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Have you thought about how well the people in their 40s have led our country?ㅋㅋㅋ Worry about yourselfㅎㅎㅎ

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