I think that unless you're judging if someone's ugly or not based on inferiority complex, I think that everyone's looks can be judged on a subjective manner.
I realized how f******************cking subjective being pretty/handsome was

I realized it when talking to both guys and girls when talking about celebrities' looks

It's also interesting how we thought of different people when talking about a group's visual.
Especially for boys, their tastes are f*cking different so they all picked different people.
Also, they rarely agreed on someone.
I was shocked when I heard them say "ah I find her so-so, what's pretty about her?"
They honestly reminded me of what people call "inferiority complex" on community websites?
Seeing how they say that someone isn't pretty because they are not their taste even though everyone can tell that that person is pretty is just so interesting

To be honest, even if others say that so and so are super pretty or handsome, even if I don't find them ugly at all, sometimes, I'm not sure what's so pretty or handsome about them. I just don't understand why they are above average.
It's not that I find them ugly but I just am not amazed by them?
But at the same time, I really don't understand how other people find the people I find handsome/pretty so-so. It's just so interesting.

Are you guys like that too?
To be honest, I don't understand why faces like Kim Taehee's or Kang Dongwon's get divided opinions
But there are also people who don't find them handsome or pretty at all...
There are also people that find Jung Woosung super handsome but to me, I'm not sure what's so handsome about him...
Even when I look at him during his heydays, it's not that I find him ugly but I don't find him handsome either. He just looks like someone with sharp features...
Ah it's hard
Seriously, I can understand when someone isn't sure if someone is handsome or pretty because of their tastes but I don't understand at the same time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It makes me wonder if that's why the term "respect others' taste" comes from
I also get upset when people accuse me of inferiority complex so I don't really talk about looks either...

Anyways, that's why I think that looks are really subjective

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1. [+174, -14]
Me too. I seriously don't understand why Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook are considered that handsome. I don't get it when I see everyone liking them so much

2. [+102, 0]
I honestly don't get what's so handsome about Park Seojun, Ahn Bohyun and Junho. Park Seojun is filming something with Han Sohee, Ahn Bohyun and Junho are filming with Yoona and I find that in all cases, the female actress is way too pretty for them. I saw people from other places calling them "dutch-face" (T/N: XX-dutch = when something is unequal. Here, OP is referring to people calling the male actors too handsome for the female actresses), I was a bit shocked. Seriously, this is the difference in taste

3. [+96, -5]
That's right. Even if you've never been called pretty, don't be sad. There will be people who will find you pretty

4. [+79, -9]
Agree. Even for Aespa. I don't find any of them pretty but Karina gets a lot of praises for being pretty. I'm someone with low standards and find almost all idols pretty though

5. [+74, -1]
Agree. I can really feel that everyone's taste is different when I find someone pretty but someone else goes "she's pretty...??". There were a lot of instances like that. And the same goes for boys. If I find someone handsome, sometimes, the boys would go "huh?????"

6. [+66, 0]
Me too, it's absolutely not my inferiority complex but there are a few celebrities who are getting praised for being pretty or handsome which I don't understand.... Of course, they are above average in terms of looks but it makes me wonder if they are so good looking to the point of receiving those kind of praises. There are also celebrities I find freaking pretty who barely get any praises.. Looks are seriously subjective

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