"I am sorry that you had to go through a hard time due to my shortcomings... Thank you for congratulating this year's birthday as well. I will cherish all your goodwill and become an actor that can return your good wishes."
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1. [+350, -44]
His ex-girlfriend was the one who lied and got caught meeting other men so they broke up and got back together. And then 3 weeks later, she said that she got pregnant. Even before telling Kim Seonho that she was pregnant, she already looked up hospital for abortion and she was the one who brought up the abortion talk to him. She said that he coerced her into getting an abortion and he got cancelled. But then, it was revealed that she was the one looking up the abortion so now, people are saying that abortion is the issue hereㅋ then why are we even protesting for legalizing abortion?....

2. [+316, -102]
Honestly, why are you guys hating on Kim Seonho.... He's freaking pitiful. I hope that he doesn't care about other people's judgement and comes back to the celebrity world

3. [+236, -403]
Because he's a man, he's living the legendary life and getting hyped up just for not "forcing" her to get an abortion. Me too I desperately wish to be born as a man in my next life. 

4. [+118, -20]
No but what's daebak about Kim Seonho is that there were no other celebrities who got into a scandal who had so many other staffs, actors, classmates, extras, etc. who came to shield them. Seriously, I hope that he comes back and promotes. He posted on his Insta but it was for his fans

5. [+114, -130]
If he was a female actress, she would've gotten so much hate for the abortion alone and would've suffered so much from the rumors. I'm so jealous that he's a man

6. [+86, -15]
Kim Seonho was the victim

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