During Nu'est activities, he had an anxiety disorder and took a break.. Fans just learned about the reason today

It seems that all NU'EST members worked really hard during the group's lifecycle. 

Even when their podcast's first guest, Minki came and left, Aron said he considers him like a real brother.

I will support the members in their individual paths moving forward ❤️

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1. If you really fangirled on Nu'est you'd know just how much Nu'est was important to him. 
He was the center of Nu'est and he was the string that connected the members
It's not for nothing that people used to call Nu'est, Aron and the kids 

2. I didn't watch Produce, but I got to know about Nu'est after the show. I joined the fandom since Aron was my bias, I had my hunch that something was going on but I didn't know it was this severeㅠㅠ

3. Aron-ah let's be happier😍  Please make your fanmeeting more accessible next time so I can come in person to send you birthday wishes

4. Hul... He must've felt the burden so much..

5. This made me tear upㅠㅠ I used to like Nu'est a lot thanks to Aron, he was the reason why I liked the group so mcuh 

6. Even since Produce, a lot of my friends started fangirling on Nu'est and I started watching them with my friends. I used to think he had a good voice. He's so my type, I liked him the must. So nobody understood why he didn't go on the show. I hope that now that the team dissolved, he feels less burdenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was a light fan but I really liked his voice, I hope he sings again. 

7. He was the hyung so of course his sense of duty would be even bigger... He's able to talk about his burdens in real time like that, so he must've resolved it and gotten better in his heart too. Let's live well 

8. I don't know anything about him, but the members seems very nice too, I can relate to him so much 

9. Wow I can understand his feelings, he's a good person so he sufferedㅠ 
I hope all of them succeed

10. It's beautiful to see how they take care of each other

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