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1. The outfits are a shame. At least the 7 members' face saved it

2. We're talking about BTS here... But it feels like a mid-small agency's group

3. The full-group picture is a bit lacking, but the individual shots..ㅠㅠㅠ Ha.. The angles are much better in the individual cuts. Seriously this only looks cool because it's BTSㅠㅠ

4. It's BTS. Can they use a bit more money? The cost-effectiveness is solid here. They're idols. It's over when you make it too obvious that you're being stingy 

5. Am I the only one who thinks it looks fine...? I feel like people are just trying to leave hate comments

6. Seriously I don't even know where to begin with my complains. This cordi isn't considering BTS' body types at all. The album's name is Proof meanwhile, we have this one dimensional concept with a black background and gun shots behind them. They're just directing them in such a linear way... Don't you know what a total mess this concept photo was?? No but, it's not like they were always bad. Even the seasons greetings, it seemed like they were going somewhere. If you hate working, then just use more money. But they don't even use money and don't want to work. This is the worst scenarioㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can tell that they don't care about any pictures they take 

7. It looks way too lazy and countrifiedㅠㅠ Do they lack this much planning ability.. I liked Boy With Luv the most

8. They feel stuffy... They can't read the seasons and they have no sense... Hybe seriously.. They are trying the best to overshadow the kids. This is getting tiring 

9. No but are we even swearing at BTS? It's just facts that Hybe and the cordi suck at their work. This isn't the best they can do. BTS choosing the bulletproof and bullet wall concept is supposed to be something cool and pretty. They could've easily decorated the set better, but they didn't. This is where the problem lies. Right now, everyone on Twitter in my timeline is talking about how disappointing this looks. But the moment, someone mentions something about their cordi, they're considered a hater. It's f*cking dumbfounding. Hyybe and the cordi are the only one who can't realize that we like fangirling on pretty things. Especially when you look at other group's concept photos nowadays, this is even more a reality slap. The kids' visuals are legendary lately, meanwhile, they're the ones who aren't letting them fly with their wings but instead are still dragging them by the collar

10. If this company claims that they're sincere about the gaming business, this is a concept that could've easily been exploited better. And we're talking about BTS here. Is this really the best thing they could do???🤔

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