The recent whereabouts of YouTuber Song Ji-ah was reported.

On the 19th, the Catholic House of Love and Peace posted a photo of Song Ji-ah and actress Kang Yewon doing volunteer work through their official Instagram.

A representative of the Catholic Love and Peace House said, "Ji-ah and Yewon come once a month to volunteer in the kitchen and to deliver lunch boxes to the doss house. I hope that your work will be successful and that you will continue to spread good influence."

The published photo shows Song Ji-ah and Kang Yewon doing volunteer work. The two are making a side dish with their hats pressed tight.

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1. The killing point of this is that the brand of her hat is Calvin Klein. I bet that she has a lot of other brands thoughㅋ

2. Freezia, fighting!!!!!!

3. Fighting!!!! I'll always support yuo!

4. Stop telling her to tie her hair... a girl group came to our district to volunteer and the elderly including my mom didn't even tell them to tie their hair... it must be the same conditions for Song Ji-ah...

5. I hope she comes back on YouTube

6. I don't understand why she was hated to that extent. I've never watched her YouTube or any shows she was in and I'm not saying that she did something right but I feel like she got way too much hate. It doesn't sit right with me, I hope it gets resolved

7. She's just f*cking pitiful... Freezia, fighting

8. If she comes back, I feel like it will be all scripted but... even power trippers, school violence assailants and people who committed DUI are coming back so

9. So sad. I support Freezia!

10. Freezia, fighting. I think that it would be f*cking fun if she just shared about her daily life on YouTube

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