There was already a foreshadowing to this for some weeks + perfect member combination + concept that female community die for + luxurious stage and choreography
Right now, it's gaining a lot of buzz on female communities

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1. Monika's directing is solid 👍👍👍

2. The only one who really worked sincerely of all the dancers who appeared on the show seems to be Monika, she really directed everything meticulously and the members also followed well 

3. I love Heejin too much. She's f*cking pretty and she's good on stage too 

4. I freaking love the narrative they built around this and Eunji's personal narrative is also good. The stage was just perfect

5. Heejin and Eve are so likableㅎㅎㅎHeejin's muscles are so cool and Eve is the embodiment of a cat. I can't believe that LOONA had kids like that and they never blew up 

6. Ha I loved the stage so much... Honestly Monika who coached them was also cool, and the members who followed well are jjang 

7. Wow seriously they're so cool. I'm seeing LOONA for the first time and they're so charming 

8. Monika is so cool 

9. They were freaking cool Hyejoo and Monika-ssaem let's work together againㅠㅠ

10. You can tell that Monika goes hard on the teaching and the members didn't lose their spirit, everyone was so coolㅜㅜ This was a legendary stage

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