The name is 22 Bag
G-Dragon wore it at his arrival and departure at the airport and he wore it both as a backpack and a shoulder bag (the pics are the shoulder bag version)
Fashion cafes are also saying that this is the hottest all-season bag

Opinions are divided between
The bag is practical vs it looks like a shoe pouch

By the way the models are wearing the small size and G-Dragon is wearing the large size

original post: here

1. Something about this looks countrified...

2. Huh? I've seen another brand doing a similar bag but seems like it was just a Chanel copy... I find the bag pretty ㅎ

3. It's because the bag is from Chanel that there's a lot of talks about it. The bag itself really has a common design

4. The pink is pretty

5. Seems like the type of bag that's trendy nowadays

6. It's pretty but since I'm not a hip person, I can't pull it off

7. It's pretty

8. I looks like a dust bag

9. Not pretty

10. I really don't know anything about fashion so to me, it just looks like a shoe pouch

11. The black backpack is shiny so it has that leather vibe
I wonder if the white shoulder isn't shiny because of the picture or because it's not shiny?

12. It sucks

13. It looks pretty in my eyes... I like the models' picture more than GD but I bet that it's super expensive?

14. That's the hottest bag??? I wonder what would happen if it didn't have the Chanel name

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