Inoue Rikako, member of Fairies, a girl group which debuted in 2011 under Rising Production (Vision Factory in the past), company that houses Namie Amuro, SPPED, DA PUMP, etc.
After the team dissolved in 2020, she renamed herself Kominato Yotsuba in March 2022 and on May 16th, she released her solo MV. 
But on the last scene of her MV, the sentence "I'm appearing in an AV" was shown. 

And today she revealed on her Twitter that she's making her AV debut

original post: here

1. She's spoiling in her own solo MV about her becoming an AV actress???? And she's really going into AV???? Wow...

2. What a weird country...

3. ???????????????? Rikako??????????????????????????????????? Why?????????????????????????????????????????????

4. When this group was young, they used to all live in dorms and the members were also attending one school together. I wasn't their fan but I was aware of it. It's been so long this is shocking.... I feel horrible for her because its clear that she's not doing this on her own volition but it was imposed on her and that's her only option...

5. This country is insane

6. Ah seriously I clicked the post but didn't expect I'd find a group that I used to like... My head hurtsㅠㅠ

7. Just what kind of personal growth is this? Can't she just retire from entertainment and just live her own life as a normal employee??? Just why are all celebrities pursuing this kind of career path, I don't understand anything of that country....

8. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ..... What kind of personal growth is she talking about

9. This is way too sudden, if my bias suddenly announced something like that, I'd lose my mind... 

10. My heart breaks for her

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