The following is the full text of the position of Kim Sae-ron's agency.

Kim Saeron conducted a blood test for an accurate result, and after the test, she was sent home without any other investigation under the accompaniment of a guardian.

The blood test results are expected to come out in two weeks, and Kim Saeron will faithfully comply with the police's request in the future.

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1. The company should've at least included one apology in their statement, even though they weren't the one doing DUI

2. We already saw the accident she caused onsite... How are they not going to apologize for it?

3. Let aside whether she did do DUI or not, their statement isn't batting an eye at the accident she caused

4. Nowadays, agencies are trying everything they can to avoid apologies... As if apologizing means losing to them 

5. Why aren't they apologizing?

6. Their statement is quite rude. Should've went for an apology as a start

7. What they're saying is quite funny. They said they are trying to go for an 'accurate' test, so anything beside a blood test will be inaccurate? 

8. They completely disregarded the DUI accusations in their statement 

9. Wow the accident that she caused has damaged more than one place, but they're not including a single word of apology? They should at least talk about compensating for the loss

10. If the police says it's DUI, then it's DUI, what blood test?

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