It's a group called ATEEZ, I heard they have way more fans overseas than in Korea. But what I didn't know was that they went on a world tour this year and the scale is way bigger than I imagined

France concert

USA concert

Germany concert

They're not only doing it for 1 day, just like other idols, they hold concerts for about 2-3 days, that's the scale of their world tour. Their response is still lukewarm in Korea and it's to the point of getting strange...

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1. They're so good onstageㅋ  If you watch them once, you'll end up watching them over and over again, they have the addictive factor

2. I clicked the article thinking it might be ATEEZ?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their strong songs are good for performing on stage, but their calmer songs like Wave and Utopia are good just to listen to, they're my favorite songs to listen to in Summer

3. I still listen to Wave and Answer from them 

4. Wow this is interesting. If you're good performers, you're bound to be popular, so it's not shocking, but what's shocking to me is how did so many people find out that they're good performers? Looks like international fans really watch a lot of videos

5. ATEEZ are such good stage performers, but they also suit refreshing concepts like Wave or Utopia perfectly too 

6. Is that the group with the ProduceX member..? Who was it..?

7. I don't know any of those members, but Wave and Turbulence are good songs 

8. They're indeed good, but they have no exposure opportunities with the general public

9. A lot of people seem to be mocking them for having more fans overseas, but if you go on Twitter, you'd know that they actually have a lot of Korean fans nowadays, they're big overseas but they'll hit big in Korea too 

10. I find ATEEZ so likable, I really hope they succeed. Whether it's overseas or in Korea, it shouldn't matter!!!!!!

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