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1. These 5 have similar heights so they look more stable

2. I totally like this

3. The maknae looks good as the center

4. They look more secured and I like their song a lot too

5. Eunchae baby is too pretty

6. They would've become #1 right away if they removed that school violence girl~

7. Freaking pretty

8. Give the center to the maknae

9. Eunchae, good

10. This formation looks safer

11. Remove Garam and let's have Eunchae as the center

12. That member disappeared and Eunchae stands out way more now

13. The more I see Eunchae, the more charming she becomes... even though I don't like this group

14. As expected, groups need to have odd numbered members

15. Wow Chaewon and Sakura are f*cking skinny

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