t/n: The title of the Korean drama is 이매마량 (Imamaryang) which means creatures/monsters from the sea

It's receiving an overwhelming amount of criticism due to the strong similarity in plot development and setting with Chainsaw Man

- I didn't know I'd be able to see Fujimoto Tatsuki writer'nim's work on Naver too, what an honor! But may I ask why does it not look like Chainsaw Man's sequel, rather it looks like you took some trash here?

- Does Naver Webtoon pick webtoon PDs who have never read any mangas before? (t/n: webtoon PD = those who approve webtoons)

- This is exactly the same as Chainsaw Man's prequel. I'd believe if you tell me it's Chainsaw Man with hanbok on

Those are the top comments on the webtoon
They're getting a lot of swears

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1. From K-Demon Slayer to K-Chainsaw Manㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
t/n: pic for ref

2. Naver webtoon have so many plagiarism controversies... Can they please do their approvals properly...

3. If you really read Chainsaw, you'd know that there's nothing cliche about it...? I've never read Naver webtoons, so I need to read to for myself to validate, but just reading the post, this is way too similar...

3. The webtoon's 1st chapter is basically Chainsaw's chapter 1-2 condensed.. It's f*cking obviousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ People saying that Chainsaw is cliche but there's that much overlap to the point they can be interchanged

4. If only one scene overlaps, it's still plausible, but when multiple scenes overlap, it's clear plagiarism...

5. There are so many plagiarized works when it comes to fantasy genres

6. Ah.... Even the angles in the panels are totally the same? .... Writer-ah please salvage whatever's left for you

7. You can literally interchange them...

8. It's f*cking hilarious whenever someone tries to copy something, but their quality dropsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Rather than plagiarism, it feels like sloppy work 

10. I've read Chainsaw and it's indeed similar

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