Murders' victims gender proportions by country 
Blue: men 
Red: women 

order: Korea (in 2011), USA (in 2012), England (in 2011), China (in 2010), India (in 2012)

t/n: we will just translate the content of the screencaps

"Why do they die?"
"Who are the ones who are killing these women?"
"In 200 people, half of them are killed by people they live with"
"Women are murdered either by their husbands or male roommates"
"The male victims of murder die because they associate themselves with criminals"
"The women victims of murder die because of their family/households"
"They don't die in one blow"
"Half of them die because of repeated assaults"
"A foreseen murder"
"In advanced countries, the proportions of male victims are higher" 

+ I also found the assailants by gender

Supreme Prosecutors' Office, 2014 Criminal Investigation Analysis

Murder assailants (included attempts)

(blue: men)
(orange: women)

Change of murderers by gender through time

Gender figures for victims of violent crime in the last 10 years
In order: year, total, male, (proportions), female, (proportions)

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1. Are we for real? Being higher than India?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This country needs to be ruined ㅠ

2. This is seriously hopeless

3. Hul I assumed that women would be the higher proportions in other countries too... This is shocking 

4. I'm never getting married... Even if I don't get married, I'm never living with another man either, I might get murdered

5. The reason why Korea is more severe than India: Indian mobs actually drag the people who molest children out of their jail and beat them to death

6. From molkas to murders... Who can you trust in your life?

7. We're higher than India....

8. The safest way to live is to live alone... Seriously I'm so scared who am I supposed to meet?

9. Hul this is shocking... This country specifically targets women and kills them......... I've always thought that the whole world targeted women more than men... Turns out our country was an unique case

10. Can we stop killing women already 

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