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1. Daebak!! What am I watching? 

2. Who's the red hair? He uses his expressions so well 

3. It's a bit freaky, the concept is freaking crazy 

4. Wow it reminds me of Mad Max..!

5. They're trying to kill otakus

6. I was still thinking about how crazy the thumbnail looked and right from the start, it got all crazy...

7. Who broke Jeonghanie's wings.. 

8. Ha f*ck... What's up with Jeonghan's wings right from the start? It's insane

9. Who's the one with the broken wing? He looks totally crazy 

10. Wow The8 really pulled off the concept this time 

11. Wow this concept is seriously crazy 

12. Jeonghanie is so good. Seventeen, hit daebak 

13. The person with the broken wing's part was crazy 

14. The8 is crazy... His visuals and acting skills with the concept are all crazy. No but I entered the fandom with just a few seconds 

15. Wow what's up with Yoon Jeonghan's wings?? Crazy 

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