"It was like that at the concert too. After I did my shoulder surgery, the angle wasn't coming out. My right arm turning angles and my left arm turning angles were different. 
It does not physically go beyond the painful range. But even when I do the 'mansae' motion, the range of movement is different. It doesn't hurt when turning my arm, but it hurts when I go over [my head?] it starts hurting, because after doing my surgery, it really stabilized my shoulder firmly"

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1. Just because of the army situation, every news about them is so noisyㅜ

2. Me too, my shoulders have been hurting and it's been years I've been receiving treatment for it. I didn't know that shoulders issues could be such a huge part of my body. Even if you get a shot and receive treatment, you'll never be able to move like the way you did when you were healthy 

3. Are you going to the public service???

4. The comments here are giving me goosebumps

5. BTS will attract a certain level of interest for sure, but isn't Suga's car accident pretty well-known? And even after his surgery, he's been consistent in updating about his shoulder condition to the fans. Why are people spending their energy hating on others?

6. Seriously the people coming here to bullsh*t about the army and leaving hate comments are really.... BTS must be freaking tired

7. But isn't he playing golf just fine? RM said that Suga hyung was playing golf himself 

8. Suga was known for having bad shoulders even in the past, even other group's fans knew about it, there were a lot of instances where he talked about it too why are people talking as if he's using it as an excuse just now?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Aren't you guys too much for coming down a post of someone who's hurt and leaving hate comments? Take care of your life instead

10. BTS fans!!!! They dropped their comeback video, we have content 

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