Jung Bobby, a member of the indie band 'Autumn Vacation', who is on trial for assaulting a woman he was dating and illegally filming a s*x video, is re-emerging on the news due to his participation in BTS' new album 'Proof'.

The 10th track 'Filter' caught the attention of netizens [...].

Previously, Jung Bobby was accused of s*xually assaulting and filming the body of an aspiring singer A without his consent in May 2020. Person A is known to have made the extreme choice in April of last year by notifying those around her of the crime.

In addition, Jung Bobby is accused of illegally filming another victim B from July 12, 2020 to September 24 of the same year.

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1. The songs Jung Bobby participated in

2. Speculation
Seizure of property 
Military media play 
S*x offender songs - New!

3. And they claimed that the members are the ones who picked the entire discography of the album? Insane

4. Can they get rid of those disgusting s*xual offenders from the songs please? Why would they purposefully include them in and create a controversy? Are they nuts?

5. ..... The victim was a woman and the crime was none other than a molka. She committed s*icide on top of that. The majority of their fans are women, but they're including a s*x offender in their album and I bet the album will sell freaking well too. So they're thinking about filling up the pockets of an assailant...? Do they not care about the fans?

6. Why did they allow him to participate?

7. Those are the songs that Jung Bobby participated in. Thanks to this article, I got to know all of them. Answer, I'm Fine, Home, Love Mazeㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. So disappointing...

9. It's not like they aren't aware of it, why must they include him in their new album? Ha seriously I can only swear

10. Looks like Hybe takes pride in s*xual offenses

11. Ah Jimin why are you doing this...ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ sigh 

12. Jimin sure shows his moral insensitivity by picking Filter in the album. He's showing his true colors if he keeps acting like that 

13. The member picked the song himself???

14. Jimin-ah why did you pick this song and create a fuss purposefully? 

15. Can't they just give Jimin a new version of Serendipity instead? There are tons of composers who are ready to offer their songs to him, why would he pick a criminal? What's the reason behind it...

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